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Thursday, December 16, 2010

i am so so so SO SO tired ):

panicked yesterday because of tmr's paper, which im not prepared for yet (havent finished studying) and it's content heavy - psychology ):

so i slept late at 3plus am and woke up at 7am to drag myself to can A where i'm sitting at now to study. so tired ): but the only plus point is: managed to beat the rest to get good seats!


i've started fantasizing (yes!) about what i'm going to do after exams! here is some:

1) club with the girls (wed hopefully!)
2)picnic with dear
3)watch Vampire diaries (heard alot about it, hot guys heh heh !)
4) swim&tan
5)go shopping (fareast,bugis)

and somanymany more! when i think of it i'll come back and edit the list.

im just so sick of studying.

anyway! im obsessed with this new song

it's like super cool and nonchalant . you know what i mean!

oh well, i'm buying a corset! yipee :D

i totally recommend this blogshop ,
really nice and affordable lingerie/clothes/bikini & friendly owner!

love it loads!

oh damnit , looks like i have to get back to studying my ass off. so freaking tired ):

9:43 AM

Monday, December 13, 2010

i'm back at the same benches again, still trying to study (:

oh well, 1 exam down, 4 more to go! this week is hell week though, 3 papers ( & dear's birthday on sat !! yay (:

looking forward to the end of exams, but not particularly to the start of trainings

anyway, sneak preview of wedding/casual shoot done a week ago(i think)

credits to intermodeling !

haha, not bad right(: i absolutely love gowns !

oh, and im looking forward to the shoot on sunday. loads of awesome ideas, lets hope i can deliver! corsets,stockings,violin .. ohhh (:

looking forward to celebrating dear's bday with him at traders hotel (high class dinner tgt), im such an awesome girlfriend, haha !

but till then, have to continue to torture myself with studies ):

help ):

2:35 PM

Monday, December 6, 2010

karl marx,sigmund freud, charles darwin, norbert wiener, claude shannon blahblahblah;
wonder if they knew that their amazingly brilliant works would be causing so much pain (to me & my fellow 207mates) years on ):

i'm currently sitting at can a, trying to mug. have been here since 10am, whoa! but now im sleepy and my butt hurts big time andANDand i feel fat . ugh.

no idea why i just dont seem to have the sense of urgency this time round. i really have to buck up bcos so much is on the line here.

felt like blogging suddenly, chanced upon fb page of someone i used to be close to, then hated and now - neutral with feelings of disgust.

quite sad how friendships form and dissipate so quickly.

even sadder how certain people are naturally not very nice, scathing & hurtful to be exact. but i guess all types of people exist.

3-4 months more before i'm free.

but for now; can't wait for exams to be over, for bangkok trip with my dearest (:

wish me luck , i gotta mug big time .

4:16 PM

Friday, November 26, 2010

chanced upon some blogs of my friends; made me realize a few things..

- i really have been neglecting people around me ):
- i really am lucky.

i guess everyone has their share of sadness, downtime.. but through it all, i must remember to be grateful because now, i am content. i have everything that i could possibly ask for.

so this is a big thank you to everyone.

those who made me feel less alienated in sch, those who believe in me, those who understand that they mean sth to me, my really loving family (despite our sarcastic front & all sometimes) and of course, to him.

happy belated 11th month. it's almost one year.. to think everyone thought we wouldnt last past 2 weeks. im just so glad that you are here.

am loving this song:

"if i die young", by The Band Perry. i love the cover done by Sam Tsui though.

If I die young bury me in satin
Lay me down on a bed of roses
Sink me in the river at dawn
Send me away with the words of a love song

i've had just enough time.

makes death feel peaceful&serene.

if i had to die young, i hope it would be as peaceful&serene as this song.

credits to candyyam photography as usual.

these photos just somehow fit my mood right now.

6:45 PM

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

the storm seems to be calming down; i guess that's good. but i'm learning to be cautious all the time.

Cheer has stopped for maybe a month? guess that's good cos now i can START STUDYING!

feeling less confident because i still have classes and can't solely focus on studying yet.

must start sleeping early & waking up early! HELP ME :D

starting to feel fat and more like a blob, maybe its psychological, but it's reallllyy depressing!
gonna go for a short run later heh.

in 206 now, completely clueless as usual. haha flunked my quiz.
"which is the first motion picture with sound?"
it was "The Jazz Singer" but OF COURSE i cldnt rmber ):

anyway, shoots have been stagnant lately, don't wanna think too much about it.
more think = more problems

pictures from recent shoots!

credits to Kok Wee (:

credits to my fave photographer Candyyam ! :D

hoping for more soon!
maybe doing flea market this weekend. SELL SELL SELL!
so i can buy more clothes.

i want iphone4. or iphone 5.

3:59 PM

Thursday, November 11, 2010

you are just too set on your own way of thinking.

it's okay, because i will get stronger.

i can only go upwards from here.

watch me.

oh hey, fuck this.

9:46 AM

feeling sad/emo/depressed whateveryoucallit.

maybe its cause of the (little) alcohol i had, then again i was alr down before that.



okay all out.

me&my hello panda will brave through this.

hellopanda ftw. (btw i only like the VANILLA ones, so there!)

1:41 AM

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

at south spine again, waiting for german class.

this week has been pretty slack for me cos;

i skipped a few lectures&some e learning stuff took place. yeeha!

had pasta cooked by dear again tday and spent the morning till noon lazing around like a pig ):

i swear, im getting more & more lazy!

starting to feel the heat; panicking a little for exams. STUDY girl! keep getting distracted by sleep,food,cheer&work. ): ):

anyway, work has been pretty good! here are some new pics that i totally love (:

love love love! awesome photos by m.fuzz|ee!

aching all over as normal, find myself dreaming of massage ! but lazy me is normally TOO LAZY to even travel out of NTU. sighhh..

still craving for carnivore, even though all i can eat there is the fish,pineapple&ham. but damn, its good. (:

still get affected by some people, but ohwell, must remind myself that
they aren't worth it.

its just a fact of life.

5:27 PM

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